Courses in France at the Lulyani school :
for the teaching fees, your investment is :

- Thai Massage 1 : 560 euros
- Thai Massage 2 : 560 euros
- Dynamic Thai Massage : 590 euros
- Osteothai : 630 euros

It includes :
- the teaching of  Thai Massage or Osteothai
- early morning optional courses : yoga
- course manual and/or videos.

Courses are extremely dense and might well be repeated. We are aware of that.

Repetition being the mother of all skills, we offer a 50% discount if you decide to repeat a class (discount available for classes taken in France). Thus :
- Thai Massage 1 or 2 :: 280 euros
- Dynamic Thai Massage :: 300 euros

- Osteothai :: 320 euros

In France, courses take place at “La Maison d’Amis” in the village of Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes (84120, near Orange) and are residential. Residential courses give you the real possibility to connect, share, transform, be present for yoga in the morning and practice together in the evening. The place offers accomodation and high quality food (organic and vegetarian, possibility of gluten-free or/and lactose-free meals).

For full boarding, prices are :
- 75 euros per day for 3 organic meals and accomodation in a shared room.

- 80 euros per day for 3 organic meals and accomodation in a single room.
- 90 euros per day for 3 organic meals and accomodation in a single room with private bathroom.
According to availability… first registered, first to choose!

If you don’t want to stay at La Maison d’Amis, please enter in contact with us.

In order to live all together harmoniously during these few days, a couple of rules are needed, which we could call “Lulyani School – Community guidelines“. 

We would like you please to read them carefully ; your agreement to these terms is a prerequisite to complete your registration.