Osteothai training


Lulyani does not aim to teach osteopathy, but to introduce its students to the techniques that can easily be integrated into Thai massage. The goal is to improve joint mobility, restore vitality and ease of movement.

The Osteothai training is open to every serious practitioner who :
- has received a solid Thai massage training (not necessarily with us!),
- has a real Thai massage practice,
and is eager to :
- develop the quality of touch and listening,

- gain a clear understanding of osteopathic principles and laws of the living,
- increase his/her therapeutic toolbox to become more precise and efficient.

The Osteothai training consists of 6 courses.
Each course runs for 5 days.
Courses are taught in French and/or English depending on your needs. 

Based on our experience, we advise, whenever possible to complete the different courses in the following order :

Osteothai :: Principles and General Overview
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Osteothai for the main Joints
easing joint mobility of the lower and upper limbs (ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist)
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Osteothai for the Lower Back Condition
restoring lost rhythm and mobility in the lumbar spine
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Osteothai Breathing
improve the expansion – retraction motion and thus… the homeostasis!
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Osteothai for the Internal Organs and Pelvis
Osteothai routine for the internal organs and their relations to the pelvic ball and spine disorders
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Osteothai for the axis Heart – Neck – Head
finding back our Verticality and Center
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