Osteothai : Transformation Through Touch

“Shock & Trauma : palpation and axial integration”

A 7-day Master class with Jörg Schürpf & David
Your investment : 800 euro


Pre-requisite : this is an advanced class that can be followed only if you have taken before 3 or 4 other Osteothai modules (amongst Principles and general overview, Internal organs, Breathing, Lower back condition, Heart Neck Cranium axis, Main Joints).

ouch is the soul of each relationship. And relationship is the basis of any communication. Touch and palpation are the essence of our work. To touch and to be touched is an incredible adventure. We need both to exist, to connect, to be recognised, to grow and to find limits.

“How can we touch the different realities of the body? What can we perceive and feel through touch?” are the main questions of any hands-on therapist. So what are the principles related to the quality of touch? What are we looking for when we touch? With which level of the receiver do we want to connect? Physical? Emotional? Mental? Spiritual?

Once those questions are answered, we can start to see our work as a profound dialogue with the tissue. Bringing back Mobility and Vitality is our main goal in order to allow optimal adaptation! Connecting the main internal organs and the fascinating fascia network! Connective tissues register and keep each and every impression left by shock or trauma. Therefore, it is very important to have efficient tools to contact the tissue’s intelligence, to be able to transform negative experiences into resources for a better life.

Axial integration and restoration of our capacity of adaptation are the most vital resources for a better life! From our conscious reconnection to Earth and Sky, we learn to align our Presence, Attention and Intention to our vertical axis and thus recognise the interconnectedness of all systems in the human body, which evolve around the central axis of the nervous system.

In this 7-day course, we invite you…

  • palpation & perception
  • communication & orientation
  • how to contact the fascia system
  • how to contact the structure
  • how to enter in contact with the liquids
  • how to enter in resonance with the Breath of Lif/li>
  • how to discern and work with density, tension and vitality


  • Mobility and Vitality of the tissues
  • learning how S&T register on internal organs
  • acquiring tools to work with scar tissue
  • unwinding fascia and releasing retentions of energy
  • connecting and working with the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)
  • density and pressure retained in the tissues



  • restoring the communication along the vertical axis of the body (pelvis, core link, cranium)
  • pelvis : structures & ligament system
  • core link : L5-S1 ; C0-C1-C2 ; the key vertebrae C5-T4-L3
  • cranium : cranial meninges
  • necessity and power of the integration phase
  • releasing the horizontal planes (the diaphragms) to allow better vertical communication
  • axis – periphery
  • from outside in and inside out
  • the three main energy centers : the head, heart and hara.