Advanced class « Ephemeral meeting on the futon »

A massage is an invisible painting. A poem of evanescent movements. A speechless language. A calligraphy on a futon. Something missing wandering on my body. Or the meeting of two hearts letting an imprint of unconditional love.

There are thousands of ways to give a massage and to express creativity. Let’s share some of them! Here is the purpose of this new course.

I am going to give you a massage. I will let you feel my touch.

You are going to give me a massage and to let me feel your touch. In that way I will be able to give you a feedback to bring you to the next step on your way.

In each and every art of touch, the experience shows that at one point the student needs on one hand to be touched and to feel, and on the other hand to be guided and corrected personally. To gain in confidence and to get inspired.

During this 4-day class, I will be at your disposal

  • I will give you a treatment in front of the other participants,
  • I will receive from you and will give you a personal feedback concerning your touch and the way to keep improving from where you are,
  • We will approach all your questions concerning principles, techniques, building a session… I will be there to share my experience in the best way I can.

« I speak with my hands
You listen with your heart
And we understand each other in one smile »

Number of participants

Limited to 5 students max.


selon les sessions :

  • Thai Massage training and 1 or 2 Osteothai courses