Mindful Touch Training

Mindful Touch Training is a demanding and high level educational programme aimed to standardise the practice of Thai Massage for motivated students. We wish to provide a framework for both practitioners and teachers of Thai Massage so that the quality and level of Thai Massage may be recognised and acknowledged accordingly. In offering such training programmes we hope to keep the tradition of intimate teacher and student relationship as well as respond to the needs of a present day therapist in the sense of coursework, trainings and standard practice.

The birth of Mindful Touch comes from the collaboration of two well known schools of Thai massage, Sunshine House (Krishnatakis) and Lulyani (David Lutt), whose joint aims are to spread the teachings of Thai Massage, the principles of Touch and the practice of Mindfulness.

Practitioner Training

In order to be recognised as a practitioner of Mindful Touch Thai Massage we ask for the following courses to be completed:

1. Basic Course of Thai Massage x 2

(This course must be attended twice – favourably 3 times)
We accept ONE of the courses from:
a. Any of the authorised teachers of the Sunshine Network
b. Any of the beginners courses from Sunshine Massage school, Chiang Mai
c. Thai Massage Circus training
d. any of the authorized teachers of the Mindful Touch Training
AT LEAST one of the courses attended must be with either Sunshine House (Krishnataki) or Lulyani (David Lutt)

2. Advanced Thai Massage Trainings x 3

We ask that you attend minimum 3 advanced trainings, which can be selected from the following courses:
a. Dynamic Thai Massage (with David or Krishnataki)
b. Energy Lines (with Laurino or Felicity )
c. Thai Massage meets Chinese Medicine (with Krishnataki)
d. Introduction to the Koshas (with Ralf Marzen )
e. Women’s health in therapy (to be confirmed)

3. Osteothai x 3

We ask that you complete 3 Osteothai trainings with David
a. The principles of Osteothai
b. Osteothai for the Internal Organs
c. Any other Osteothai training (e.g. Osteothai for the Spine, joints)

4. Level 1 Integrated Cranio Sacral Biodynamics

This course is taught by Rosemary Wallace at Gentle Touch.

5. Detox & Nutrition Retreat

This course is offered by Sunshine House (Krishnataki) once a year, however we accept other reputable detox retreats with a good understanding of nutrition principles and cleansing techniques.

6. Silent/Mindful Retreat

We recognise all introspective retreats of meditation and/or satsang (e.g. Vipassana, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mooji, Zen)

7. Giving treatments

Giving massage is one of the best tools for learning and integrating that which we study in the trainings. We ask that you give a minimum of 500 massages to a wide variety of people.

8. Receiving treatments

Receiving massage is also a very useful learning tool. In this way we understand the way we want to be touched (or not to be touched!!) and thus the way we touch. We ask that you receive at least 10-20 massages from different authorised Mindful Touch practitioners and also a treatment from Rosemary.

9. Teacher feedback

For the final agreement and authorisation, each student must give ONE treatment to either David Lutt or/and Krishnataki, so that they receive the necessary feedback on their massage and also advice if any of the other trainings need to be repeated.

We recommend that the above 9-step programme be completed over a period of 3-6 years and that it is taken as a basic minimum guideline.

We do believe that the quality of touch is not always related to the number of hours done in class. So please note very clearly that to become a Mindful Touch Thai Massage Practitioner, the last step is a verbal agreement from Krishnataki and David.