Massage Thai

Head – Heart – Belly integration

The essence of this workshop lies in the experience of each of these realities and how they all synchronize & harmonize into a dynamic whole, capable of adapting smoothly and swiftly to the ever-changing conditions of life on Earth.
We train our perception & deepen it, we learn how to perceive and move fluids & we learn how to accelerate & decelerate the flow of energy.

Who am I?

Silence & void in my Head
Love & bliss in my Heart
Consciousness through my senses in my Hara

That is who you really are, if you open your Heart & allow the true nature of the human being to express itself!



WIM – Weniger ist Mehr or Less is More
Fascial connections from the Hara to the Heart to the Head
Stillpoint, Stillness & Silence
Energies & functions of the three physical realities: mechanical, dynamic & energetic
MCO – Micro Cosmic Orbit
Inner smile
Verticality in the treatment and everyday life

The principles of Heartful Touch

Vertical alignment
Reciprocal tension & fluctuation
Activation of the four main pumps in the spine
Activation – connection – integration
The art of stretching the fasciae
Head – Heart – Hara Integration