About osteothai

Osteothai is the integration of osteopathic principles and techniques into Thai massage, a bridge between East and West. It’s a form of bodywork that combines extraordinary creative and powerful Thai massage techniques with the precise and gentle touch of osteopathy.


Osteothai is practised on the floor; the patient wears light comfortable clothing. The masseur uses not only his hands but also his feet, knees and elbows. This makes for a rich and colourful approach.

Osteothai combines :

  • Traditional Thai massage’s varied and powerful stretches, using long leverage techniques across muscle groups (inspired by yoga postures); and its acupressure work on energy lines and the creativity of dynamic movements of traditional Thai massage.
  • Osteopathy’s release of tissue tension and work on restriction of mobility.

Osteothai has been created by David Lutt and Arno L’hermitte, two French osteopaths in love with Thai massage. Each of them then has developed the concept according to their views and inspirations, allowing Osteothai to be a living and constant evolution.