Thai massage isa path. A path of Life.|an art. An art of Touch.|a meditation. A meditation in movement.|is about listening. Listening with your Heart.

Lulyani Spirit


Lulyani is the school where…
…anatomy rhymes with harmony,
…precision with meditation,
…persistence with patience

To become explorer of the body, a being of relation, a poet of movement or more simply
to become who you are. You are most welcome !

Lulyani school has been created under the initiative of David and Dao to answer their desire…
…to teach their love for Thai massage and Osteothai,
…to share a Heart centered teaching,
…to develop a Sangha where everyone can find a place to grow.

Come to learn Thai massage, a sacred dance bringing harmony, joy and mobility.

Come to discover Osteothai, a meeting of Thai massage and Osteopathy.
An invitation to express your vitality and to develop your capacity of adaptation.



Lulyani signifie la spirale, le mouvement hélicoïdal en hébreu.

In Hebrew Lulyani means Spiral as well as helicoidal movement.

Spiral is the movement of Life. Straight lines do not exist in nature, they are a creation of human beings. On the contrary, helicoidal movements exist in all different levels of creation, from molecules to galaxies. The Earth turns around the sun in a spiral movement. Spiral is the fundamental movement which is present in the structure of the universe. It manifests itself in plants, animals and human beings (DNA, the cochlea within the inner ear, finger prints…). It is the natural movement of life in air, water and blood. It is also the movement used to revitalize and strengthen organic life in water or biodynamic preparations.


Throughout the ages, ancient people have represented and venerated the spiral in initiation rituals as a source of creativity that develops in us and nourishes us.