Le massage thai est un chemin. Un chemin de Vie.|un art. Un art du toucher.|une méditation. Une méditation en mouvement.|une écoute. Une écoute du Cœur.

David Lutt

David is a licensed osteopath combining his expertise and love of osteopathy, Thai-yoga massage and zen shiatsu.

He is the co-founder of Osteothai and initiator of Dynamic Thai Massage.

He’s spent 4 years living in Asia (India and Thailand) immersing himself in yoga, shiatsu, Vipassana meditation and traditional Thai massage. In Thailand, he studied mainly under Asokananda and Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyasith, who was and is still his real inspiration.

In France, he always keeps on going with passion on his osteopathic path, inspired by the work of Pierre Tricot, Joerg Schuerpf, Bruno Ducoux and Bernard Darraillans. He is also titular of an University degree in “Philosophy of Osteopathy” (UCLy, France).

He runs Thai massage and Osteothai courses all over the world, including Thailand. And his love for movement, rhythm and fluidity makes him enjoy capoeira, freediving and… football!

Dao Lefevre

Dao has lived a long love story with Thailand since 1998. Having lived in Thailand for several years

Dao is a fluent Thai speaker and honorary ‘Thai mama’ as one can witness through the many special connections she has made with the Thai people. Dao began her Thai massage training at Wat Po (Bangkok) and continued to study and evolve in several other schools. In 2009, she discovered the Sunshine Network and found there the essence of Thai massage that resonates with her heart. Dao has continued to dedicate her time to extensively learning this sacred dance, while diving into intensive Osteothai training as well.

Today, mother of two young kids, she has developed her knowledge around the different ways to support pregnant women : Thai massage fro pregnant woman, doula, Pre-Post natal yoga…

Well-known for her warm, firm but soft hands, Dao has a way of listening and taking care of everyone. Her joy of life brought her to travel a substantial portion of the world, practice yoga, cook vegetarian delicacies and share her passion for tea (her “chai” is worldwide known and adored !!!).


Cécile Hérault rencontre le Massage Thaï en Thaïlande lors d’une première formation à Chiang Mai à la Sunshine Massage School sans savoir que cela changera sa vie !

En revenant en France, elle s’inscrit à un cours avec David dont on lui a parlé. Quelque chose de magique se passe : elle rencontre le Massage Thaï comme elle avait secrètement envie de le rencontrer.
Elle décide de recommencer tout depuis le début et suit plusieurs fois les différents modules de l’école Lulyani. Elle se forme en parallèle au Yin Yoga et en anatomie (AnatomYoga).

Naturellement, elle continue vers l’Osteothai (elle a complété le cursus du Master Osteothai) et retourne en Thaïlande se nourrir d’autres enseignements. Elle se dédie aujourd’hui complètement au Massage Thaï.

Elle assiste David sur tous les cours en France. Ayant à coeur de faire connaitre le Massage Thaï en France, elle lance en 2018 le Festi’Thai, un Festival Massage Thai et Mouvement qui a lieu chaque 1er week-end de juillet !