is a school of Thai Massage and Osteothai, based on 3 teaching axes :
Touch, Movement and Listening.

We offer a complete, serious and high quality training in Traditional Thai massage founded on :

Excellence in the Art of Touch
– a licensed osteopath facilitator who has been teaching internationally for the last 20 years,
– an efficient method mixing pedagogy, precision and requirements
– courses taught in English and/or French.

Respect of Thai massage spiritual origins
– meditation and yoga class are a daily part of our courses,
– a teaching coming from the Heart with presence and listening qualities,
– a structure and group spirit where everyone may find a place to practice and grow.

The Massage Thai training is made of 3 courses.

Basic course for beginner :
Thai Massage 1 :: The Art of Touch
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Thai Massage 2 :: The Sacred Dance
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Advanced course :
The way out is (y)in : on our way to a mindful touch
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Dynamic Thai Massage :: Perpetual Movement Poetry

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And once Thai massage has been learnt, practiced and integrated,
we offer 6 unique advanced courses with a therapeutic target… Osteothai !
Osteothai is the integration of Osteopathic Principles and Techniques into Thai massage.
It combines :
- the extraordinary power, creativity and feeling of Thai techniques,
- with the precision, rigor and softness of osteopathic touch.

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